Hey there! Your wedding day is almost here -- how exciting!
Please take the time to give us some details about your wedding. A specific timeline and listing of all related activities are crucial for our involvement on your wedding day. But don't freak out! This all looks like a lot more than what it is. It shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to fill out. We know some of this info might be redundant, but it's always best to have more than we need. Anything you don't know, just write TBD or leave blank -- and we will discuss it in person or in a phone call. If you need space to type additional information, please use the last box at the bottom of this page. Thanks so much!

Main Information:

Date of Wedding:
Bride's Name:
Groom's Name:
How many bridesmaids/groomsmen /juniors/flower girls are there?
Alternate Phone Number:

For the above question, please provide us with a name/phone number of somebody in the bridal party -- whom will be with you most of the day and will be most likely have their phone with them in case we need to get ahold of somebody in an emergency.

Immediate Family on Bride's side:
Immediate Family on Groom's side:
Please provide any add'l information about immediate family: (ie: Bride's parents are divorced, Groom's parents are divorced and remarried, groom's grandparents are both living, bride's aunt is very important to me, etc.)
Number of guests expected:
Photographer (name & email):
DJ/Band (name & email):

For the above question, please also indicate who is providing the microphone/sound for the ceremony (if on-site) and/or reception toasts (usually the same as the DJ or Band, but it could sometimes be the venue who provides audio)

Planner or venue contact:


Bride Hair & Makeup: (Location & Time)
Groom Getting Ready: (Location & Time)
Bride Getting Dressed: (Location & Specific Time)
Who is helping you get dressed (usually Mom, sister(s), maid-of-honor, etc.):

We strongly recommend getting dressed at least 75 minutes prior to your ceremony start time.

Are you exchanging cards, letters, or gifts in morning?
If yes, would you want to read the audio of your letter for the video?
Are you doing a first look?
Time and details if doing a first look.
Any other details to note for the preparations (ie: we are giving gifts to our parents; I would like to do a first look with my dad, etc.)


Ceremony Location and Start Time:
Please select:
Additional Details (if needed to specify:
Immediately after the ceremony, are you and your guests doing a bubble exit, balloon release, receiving line, etc.

Video + Photo Portraits:

Location(s) and Details for Portraits:


Cocktail Hour Start Time:
Location of Cocktail Hour:
Location of Reception Area (ie: Grand Ballroom, Main Tent, etc.)
Introductions Start Time:
First Dance Start Time:
Details of First Dance: (ie: regular, dance lessons, surprise song, etc.)
Speeches Start Time:
Details of Speeches: (ie: Names of whom is speaking, are they after the first course is cleared, is there a blessing/invocation, video slideshow to accompany speech, etc.)
Bride/Father Dance:
If yes, what time?
Groom/Mother Dance:
If yes, what time?
Other Dance(s): (ie: Bride & Grandfather)
Cake Cutting?
If yes, what time?
Bouquet and/or Garter Toss:
Dollar Dance:
Other Reception Formality: (ie: newleywed game)
Reception End Time:

Vendor Information:

We love to connect with and tag our fellow vendors on Facebook! Please help us indicate your vendor/product information. It helps if you put the name of their business, rather than the person themselves. (For anything you don't want us to tag, no problem! Just leave it blank)

Hair Stylist:
Makeup Artist:
Bride's Dress (brand and/or store):
Bride's Shoes (brand and/or store):
Men's outfits (brand and/or store):
Cocktail/Ceremony Musicians:
Late night food:
Photo Booth:
Engagement Ring (store):
Wedding Rings (store):

Additional Information:

Additional notes or details: (ie: Thank-you speech, surprise dances, sparkler send-off, sunset-photos, s'mores campfire, fireworks, etc)

As a reminder, our policy does not allow for photographers to "take priority" during any parts of the day, and must adhere to a fair 50/50 policy.